Is a creative audiovisual production agency, with a high end market position, that will reflect your own vision into a creative visual production.
We handle every aspect of your project : from strategic advisory services to strategic coaching and editorial support; from the concept to a complete script writing, from the video production through its implementation into your favorite media tools. New York un jour provides you a unique and customized movie (that will fit perfectly with your audience).

Our video production capabilities are :
Specific event, Interviews, Report, Promotional video for hotels, and for the Tourism Industry in general, Corporate or educational video, Advertising campaign. We promptly respond to all your inquiries, and take care of any marketing issues you may have, whether it's intended to an institutional audience or a very general audience.

New York un jour combines two complementary profiles : design and digital background with Géraldine Pion, ex-advertising copywriter (for McCann, Nurun, Draft/ FCB Agencies ….and with SFR Advertiser )  and audio-visual production services with Sébastien Jaegers (founder of Visitonweb.net production company and movies and cartoon distributor for the Greenlight Group)

Creative people with their own perception of art,  but working toward the same end result: providing you a high quality videos, besides its attractive  features, the video we create will increase your exposure and maximize the  efficiency of your communication.

    Géraldine Pion

    Founder & Development Director
    06 35 11 26 66

    Sébastien Jaegers

    Founder & Film maker
    07 77 60 68 25


Our Contacts

  • New York un jour
    1 rue Lecomte
    75017 Paris
  • Géraldine Pion
    Tél : 06 35 11 26 66
  • Sébastien Jaegers
    Tél : 07 77 60 68 25
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